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Wash Day Hell

Almost 9 years I have lived here in Holland and one of my biggest joys is wash day in the spring/summer/fall. I love hanging up the wash outside on the gadgets they have here for hanging wash on balconies.

I take great pride and time hanging everything up straight and neat. On sheet washing day I make sure I hang them all up double so they do not hang too low so they do not bother my neighbor lady downstairs. I have had the same neighbor lady downstairs for the length of time I have been here and we were on friendly terms. We even helped her with some problems she was having with other neighbors – to do with noise from household appliances after 10 PM. Well, I could have figured at some point we would be on her hit list as well.

About two weeks ago my neighbor lady told me that she did not want me to hang wash on my balcony anymore as it bothered her seeing it swaying in the wind. She also said she could not imagine why we washed so much. She would not mind if it was only out there a couple of times a week but never on Sunday.

She proceeded to tell me, among other things that this was in the ‘rental rule book’ and that I was not following rules. I have read this book several times in the past and dug it out again just to make sure I was right and we were allowed the luxury of hanging our clothes outside. Sure enough no mention of this in our rental agreement.

Yesterday my neighbor lady got me again as I was relaxing in the sun on my balcony, reading a book. I told her to call the wash police and send them to my door so we could have a chat and till that time I would continue as I have been for the last +8 yrs.

I am an abider of rules and have researched this as far as I can to make sure I am not doing anything wrong. I am assuming if the house rules changed in the last years we would have gotten notice and I would have changed my wash hanging accordingly.

Picture of a wash is to follow…


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WAO Resources


I had these listed on a previous page that is being deleted and put them here as they may be of help to someone.

UWV official figures.

The WAO Plein. – For those interested in support, information and just sharing with others (in Dutch).

Stichting GAOS – een organisatie van, voor en door arbeidsongeschikten.

Landelijke Vereniging van Arbeidsongeschikten (LVA).

WAO Café.

L.A.M. de Groot Heupner – expertise op het door het huidige UWV gehanteerde claimbeoordelingsproces.

WAOtrefpunt– gemaakt door lotgenoten en voor lotgenoten.

WAO – Stop de Herkeuringen

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Stop de Herkeuringen

Den Hague Demonstation

Stop the Evaluations.

The action committee ‘Stop the Re-evaluations’ held a demonstration in Den Hague on March 21st.

It appears that under the new House of Representatives the disability evaluations are going to continue as they have under the last government. For those on disability that are 45 or older as of July 1st 2004 there is some relief as they are not to be called on the carpet. For those younger than 45 the nightmare continues. People are miraculously healed while attending the screening. They walk in disabled and walk out being told they are able to work. There is no hope of them ever getting a job as companies are not looking to waste their time and energy on people who really cannot work, even with the bribe (subsidies) offered by the government. Not only will the the ‘healed’ not get a job but they also lose their disability premiums.

Apparently just over 100 persons showed up for the demonstration. Not too bad considering it was a work day and that the persons who are disabled would have a hard time making the trip to Den Hague. What also surprises me is that it was not covered in the news. I read a short article in one of the online papers and other than that I did not see it anywhere. I find this questionable and wonder what that is all about. Could be because the Socialistic Party plays a big role in helping the hundreds of thousands of people that have been affected by this new criteria and evaluation system for the disabled.

This problem is not going to go away here in Holland and the SP is also not going to go away. It is time to take a serious look at the criteria that is being used to evaluate the disabled. Changing a persons status from disabled to abled in a one hour session is creating a whole set of problems to which there are no solutions. (SP)

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Skipping School

In ten years there are ten times more students skipping school.

This is the day and age where going to school is mandatory. This means that teachers have to control the students attendance. This is really needed here in the Netherlands because more students are skipping school each year.

Parents are given fines of 50 euros a day, (maximum 375. a week or 500. for two weeks) if a family goes on holidays when a child should be in school. For a child who skips school the parent pays 125. euros. Kids who are older than 12 also get a ‘task sentence’. (Rtl)

Here are some figures of a study done here in Holland.

Year —– total ——- ‘of age’ kids ——- under aged kids

2006: —- 5980 ——- 3060 (51%) ——– 2920 (49%)

2005: —- 5380 ——- 2820 (52%)——–  2560 (48%)

2004: —- 4930 ——- 2650 (54%) ——– 2280 (46%)

2003: —- 3830 ——- 2030 (53%) ——– 1800 (47%)

2002: —- 3880 ——- 2400 (62%) ——– 1480 (38%)

2001: —- 2610 ——- 1590 (61%) ——– 1020 (39%)

2000: —- 2400 ——- 1529 (63%) ——– 880 (37%)

1999: —- 1170 ——- 1200 (68%) ——– 570 (32%)

1998: —- 1580 ——- 1240 (78%) ——– 350 (22%)

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Health Premium Subsidies 2006

4.9 million Netherlanders received health premium subsidies last year, totaling 2,5 billion euros.

According the the bureau of statistics 1 out of every 3 persons over 18 yrs of age was entitles to premium subsidies. The average was 480 euros per year.

The subsidies are handed out according to a persons income. The less the income the more you are subsidies. The maximum one (a family) can receive is 1155 euros.


Again, to have a look at how a family situation of two adults is affected by the Dutch health insurance premiums have a look at an earlier post of mine.

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Incest Laws Questioned

Patrick and Susan

Another sad story that really touches me…

Who are we to say what is right and what is wrong for other adults? As long as they are not hurting anyone why should we care? Kids brought up in a loving home life can only benefit in my opinion.

Patrick Stübing and his sister Susan grew up apart from each other in Germany and met in later years and fell in love with each other.

They started a relationship in 2000 and now have four children, three who have been taken away from them and are in foster care.

Supporters say they will fight to have incest removed as a criminal offense, stating the law is out of date.

Patrick has already spent two years in jail for this offence and faces another prison sentence.

Incest is not illegal in many of Germany’s neighbouring countries, he said. The law was a “historical relic”.

Napoleon abolished France’s incest laws in 1810 and it is not a crime in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.

Incest is forbidden in Britain, where the law was extended in 2002 to include not just those with blood ties, but also step-parents and their children and in cases of adoptions.

Germany’s constitutional court is expected to decide on the Stübings’ appeal in four to six weeks’ time.

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Walking Aids Insurance Coverage


Too bazaar for words….

I guess insurance companies (here in Holland) are not making enough money yet.. and who better to take if from than those who can afford it the least – the elderly and the disabled.

The ‘College of Health Insurance’ put together an in-depth report concerning aids for staying mobile and their coverage in the basic insurance packages.

Ten million euros can be saved by insurance companies if they remove walkers, walking canes and sticks for the blind from the package.

The organizations states there is no reason the elderly or those needing these devices cannot pay for them themselves. The price of a walker can be anywhere from 100 to 1500 euros.

Organizations who serve the interest of handicap and chronically ill persons are angry. This discussion has been going on for years and our new health minister Ab Klink get to make the final decision.

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