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Sunny Days

Mar 12th 2007

I have been able to sit outside the last two days. It has been so beautiful! I love sitting in the sun and reading or doing Sudoku puzzles. Bowie lays out with me and we enjoy the birds singing for us.

The weather experts say that the weather we are having now is what normally comes at the end of April. Wonder what the spring/summer will bring this year after such a mild winter.


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Winter of 2006


This winter (in Holland) has been the mildest ever according to KNMI. Since the time we started measuring in 1706 it has not been this warm.

The meteorological winter ends today. The average temperature was 6,5 degrees and the normal temperature is 3,3. One day there was some ‘serious’ snow and 15 days it froze. Normally it freezes an average of 38 days.

The whole of 2006 was booked as an extreme warm year and it was the warmest year in three centuries. (Rtl)

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January 2007

Jan 31st

January Records as follows.

Jan 2007 was the mildest temperature of the last 300 years.

The average temp was 7,1 degrees, almost one degree higher than the old record or 6,2.

It was the warmest temperature since the beginning of regular temperature measuring in 1706. The warmest day was Jan 18th with 14,9 degrees with the old record being 11,9 in 1957.

The coldest day was Jan 23rd with minus 9,3. The weather in Jan was wet with the sun shining 50 hours.

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Storm Photos (Jan 18/07)

Some amazing pictures capturing the storm of Jan 18th and the damage done.

Rtl Storm Photos
NOS Journaal
Geen Stijl

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European Storm World News

Storms in Europe

Deadly storm batters Europe
Britain and Germany hit hardest, with at least 27 dead overall in several countries
Last Updated: Friday, January 19, 2007 | 12:02 AM ET
CBC News

The worst storm in years is pounding Northern Europe, killing at least 27 people, knocking out power for tens of thousands and bringing most travel to a standstill.

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Heavy Storm in Holland


Many problems throughout Holland due to a heavy wind storm. On the highways in particular there are water problems. Stuff blowing off a truck caused A27 to close and in Utrecht a crane blew over.

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Wind Warnings in Holland


The KNMI (weather bureau) has issued a weather warning for high winds for today – Jan 11th. They expect wind gusts of up to 110 km an hour along the coast.

Though the KNMI expected heavy traffic jams in the morning everything went as usual.

Yesterday on the news they were warning people not to ride bikes between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm due to winds. 😉 .

My doggie, Bowie will be getting very short walks till the wind dies down. 🙂 It is comforting to be sitting inside as the wind howls around our apartment.

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