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January 2007

JanĀ 31st

January Records as follows.

Jan 2007 was the mildest temperature of the last 300 years.

The average temp was 7,1 degrees, almost one degree higher than the old record or 6,2.

It was the warmest temperature since the beginning of regular temperature measuring in 1706. The warmest day was Jan 18th with 14,9 degrees with the old record being 11,9 in 1957.

The coldest day was Jan 23rd with minus 9,3. The weather in Jan was wet with the sun shining 50 hours.


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Queen Beatrix B’Day


It is our our queen’s 69th birthday today and she has chosen to have a picture taken with all her grandchildren.

From left to right: Graaf Claus-Casimir, Gravin Luana, Gravin Zaria, Gravin Eloise, Gravin Leonore, HKH (Her Majesty) Prinses Catharina-Amalia, HKH (Her Majesty) Prinses Alexia.

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Dutch Debts


The number of families that are in financial problems due to debt has doubled in Holland in the last five years.

In 2006 46,000 families received help from credit councilors. People who walked into ‘credit banks’ had an average of 22,000.00 euros in debts. 33,616.46 Canadian dollars..that is.

According to the organization NVVK, more and more people have no money left over for fun things after paying off there monthly bills.

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Dutch Disability

Another documentary TV show about the Dutch disability system and the re-evaluations taking place. As far as I am concerned they cannot put enough of these shows on TV or in the newspapers.

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Why the SP is not in the Coalition

Jan Marijnissen, the leader of the SP looks back at the last weeks and his big gain in the parliament elections of Nov 22. His party went from 9 to 25 seats in the House of Representative.

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Video for an audio mashup of George W.Bush singing Imagine by John lennon. Video by Cal-Tv. Audio by Wax Audio

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Imagine Peace

I am stealing this from skippy.

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